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Are you tired of consolidating orders from several marketplaces at once? Are you also tired of goods stock management? Employee management? Expiry date management? Let FASTOCK help you! FASTOCK will become your best partner in managing your e-commerce orders and delivery, so you can focus on product innovation, product development, and market expansion.

Main Services

Four main services, for complete customer satisfaction

One stop Service
Store & Deliver

We adopt OMS and WMS systems to provide storage service for businesses. We have teams to monitor the whole process of inbound quality checking, and cooperate with J&T to solve customer's worries.

Professional Systems
System Provided

We use industry leading OMS and WMS systems to achieve the integration of general information, logistics distribution information, stock information, delivery status, and cash flow information, and in turn allows insights for the business owner.

Save Cost
Cloud - warehouse

By 2021, FASTOCK will set up 76,000㎡ of storage capacity across Indonesia to provide customers with multi-warehouse allocation services, in order to solve problems such as high delivery costs and low delivery time punctuality.

Open e-shops easily
Value - added services

Provide storage space for e-commerce, and enjoy one-stop service, starting from the time the goods enter the warehouse, until it is delivered to customers, so business owners can run e-shops with ease.

Service Process

We strictly ensure our service quality, following the industry standard.

system fulfillment


Order Management System

Order Management System (OMS) helps you manage orders from different marketplaces simultaneously. OMS will also issue your orders automatically to the warehouse, so you can forget about the time consuming process of manually monitoring orders from marketplaces.

warehouse management system


Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) will do quality checking, barcode scanning, and store your items intelligently upon item reception. WMS also helps you manage your inventory and plan your resource accordingly, so you can restock at the right time. WMS will also keep track of your items' serial numbers, expiry date, color, size, and other attributes, so you have a bird eye's overview of your items.

fulfillment logistik indonesia


Transport Management System

Transport Management System (TMS) will intelligently manage your deliveries based on information from OMS (what your customer orders and delivery address) and WMS (for expiry date information and serial number management). With TMS, you can stop worrying about item deliveries, because we will make sure your items are delivered accurately on-time, and you can also keep track of your deliveries easily in real time.

FASTOCK's advantage

Multi-platform collaborative management

Receive orders from 12 e-commerce platforms simultaneously
OMS, WMS, TMS multi-platform data management
Automatic collection of commodity properties, RF putaway
ABC intelligent storage, product expiry date management, product serial number management
Direct Inventory, Cycling Inventory, and Stock Replenishment Planning
The ability to manage in waves

FASTOCK – The best fulfillment service provider in Indonesia

The best and fastest fulfillment service in Indonesia

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