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Your e-commerce business is getting out of hand? Let FASTOCK lend you a hand.

PT. Fastock Warehouse Service is a professional e-commerce fulfillment service provider, managed by warehousing and logistic professionals. Found on 2019 with investment from J&T, Fastock strives to be the best in the industry, by building the best systems and managing it efficiently. FASTOCK will ensure that your storage and logistics needs are fulfilled, so you can focus on business improvement and expansion instead. FASTOCK will fully support you, your business plans, and expansion plans. Our fulfillment accuracy exceeds up to 99.95%, the best in Indonesia. We are here to support your business. We can even customize our fulfillment service according to your specific needs. We will be your best fulfillment partner.


Become the best partner for fulfillment services in the Indonesian market



Dedicate our resources to be the most professional warehouse management company in Indonesia

FASTOCK – The best fulfillment service provider in Indonesia

The best and fastest fulfillment service in Indonesia

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