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How will FASTOCK help?

warehouse inventory

1. We receive your items

Too much SKUs to manage? Don't have enough time? Don't worry! We will do the hard work and receive your items at one of our warehouses and do the SKU sorting and everything else necessary, so you can sit back and relax.

inventory management

2. We keep your items safe

Not enough space? Afraid of items being stolen on your warehouse? Let us do the hard work in ensuring your items will always be safe, and with our warehouse management system, you can even keep track of your items to make important decisions.

artinya fulfillment

3. We deliver your items when it's time

We will deliver your customer's orders by the time the orders are made inside the marketplace, using our order management system. We will ensure the delivery of your items, so you can stop worrying about it.

About Us

PT. Fastock Warehouse Service is a professional e-commerce fulfillment service provider. Found on December 2019 with investment from J&T. Fastock strives to be the best in the industry, by building the best systems and managing it efficiently. Our fulfillment accuracy exceeds up to 99.95%, the best in Indonesia. We are here to support your business. We will be your best logistics partner.

Why use FASTOCK?

Save your time

You will require a lot of time & effort managing everything, including consolidating orders from separate marketplaces, by yourself

keuntungan fulfillment

Take orders from multiple marketplaces at once and let FASTOCK manage everything using advanced OMS, WMS & TMS systems

Save costs & secure your items

Full or not, you pay for full warehouse price. Also, you bear the risk of floods, fire, and stolen items

FASTOCK charges you only for the storage you use. Furthermore, we guarantee your item’s safety & security

Tackle Expiry Date and Serial Number with ease

jasa fulfillment

You have to sell items nearer to expiry date first, and need to keep track of serial numbers to sell 3C products.

gudang fulfillmeng ecommerce

FASTOCK will send your items based on FIFO or FEFO, keep track of serial numbers for you, and even help you with bundlings or gifts.

FASTOCK's Strategic Cooperation

We cooperate closely with delivery companies, providing you a one-stop solution.

FASTOCK will save you a lot time, effort, and money!

With FASTOCK, you do not have to find another storage or delivery third party, because FASTOCK covers your storage and delivery needs under one contract!

With FASTOCK, you are also able to get both storage discount and delivery discount, whereas for others, you have to negotiate discount deals separately.

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, its with FASTOCK!

FASTOCK – The best fulfillment service provider in Indonesia

The best and fastest fulfillment service in Indonesia

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