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About Us

PT. Fastock Warehouse Service is a professional e-commerce fulfillment service provider. Found on December 2019 with investment from J&T. Fastock strives to be the best in the industry, by building the best systems and managing it efficiently. Our fulfillment accuracy exceeds up to 99.95%, the best in Indonesia. We are here to support your business. We will be your best logistics partner.

Main Services

Four main services, for complete customer satisfaction

One stop Service
Store & Deliver

We adopt OMS and WMS systems to provide storage service for businesses. We have teams to monitor the whole process of inbound quality checking, and cooperate with J&T to solve customer's worries.

Professional Systems
System Provided

We use industry leading OMS and WMS systems to achieve the integration of general information, logistics distribution information, stock information, delivery status, and cash flow information, and in turn allows insights for the business owner.

Save Cost
Cloud - warehouse

By 2021, FASTOCK will set up 76,000㎡ of storage capacity across Indonesia to provide customers with multi-warehouse allocation services, in order to solve problems such as high delivery costs and low delivery time punctuality.

Open e-shops easily
Value - added services

Provide storage space for e-commerce, and enjoy one-stop service, starting from the time the goods enter the warehouse, until it is delivered to customers, so business owners can run e-shops with ease.

Difficulty Point of Warehousing

Warehouse and distribution link due to the professional degree of the problem, sharing too much of the boss's time and energy, make the headache.
The order has increased, but the goods have not been able Inbound of the warehouse or be put on the shelves.
The system inventory is obviously still a lot, the warehouse just can not find the goods, for several days the order has been hanging, the goods just can not be sent out.
The boss who is very good at selling goods does not necessarily understand the warehouse, and the result is that the order is placed, but the goods cannot be delivered.
After finally sending out the goods, the customer complained that the goods were not on the right. Over sent, incomplete and wrong delivery occurred from time to time, and the trust of customers was lost.

FASTOCK Operation Level

In & Out Efficiency

Before 16 .pm completion rate


Inventory Accuracy


Operation Accuracy


Professionals do professional things, you can concentrate on products and marketing, and just leave the chores of warehousing and distribution to us!

FASTOCK's Strategic Cooperation

We cooperate closely with delivery companies, providing you a one-stop solution.

FASTOCK will save you a lot time, effort, and money!

With FASTOCK, you do not have to find another storage or delivery third party, because FASTOCK covers your storage and delivery needs under one contract!

With FASTOCK, you are also able to get both storage discount and delivery discount, whereas for others, you have to negotiate discount deals separately.

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, its with FASTOCK!

FASTOCK – The best fulfillment service provider in Indonesia

The best and fastest fulfillment service in Indonesia

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